How does the billing process work?

We offer two very flexible billing options: Pay In Full–When you choose to pay in full, your entire balance must be paid to secure your reservation. Split Billing–A 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. The remainder is due 7 days prior to the event date for standard orders and 14 days prior to the event date for wedding orders. For larger enough orders, we can bill as frequently as needed to accommodate any budget. We will send you an electronic invoice to your email address that can be paid with any debit or credit card. Once paid, your reservation is confirmed.

Why do I pay in advance for my custom cake or dessert order?

Custom cake orders can rarely be resold if a pickup or

How does the equipment rental work?

If you are in need of a cake stand, platters, etc., you can rent them from us. Each item has a different rental fee and a refundable deposit that is include in your reservation invoice (whether paying in full or using split billing). If the item(s) is returned within 3 DAYS, the rental deposit will be refunded to you.

How far in advance should I order custom cake or dessert?

Most of our custom orders are done by appointment only. Ideally, you should order as soon as you have your event details ironed out (number of guests, event type, design, location, delivery preference, etc.). Our calendar fills up fast, so the sooner you make your request, the better! We have orders that are a year in advance and orders that are just a few days in advance.

Any tips on transporting cakes and desserts?

1) Cakes are very sensitive to temperature. Please ensure your vehicle is 75 degrees or cooler when transporting.
2) Cakes should be placed on a flat surface, preferably out of the sun. Direct sunlight for an extended period of time or setting on an incline can weaken the integrity of the cake and cause sliding of the layers (heat and gravity).
3) Drive carefully. The inertia of sudden acceleration, deceleration, and turning can cause the cake to shift or cause its box to move, unless properly secured.

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